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Nikola Vukasinovic

UI&UX designer
— online portfolio —

Delivering attractive and functional websites.
As well as user interface & user experience design and vector illustrations. Within the budget and meeting the deadlines.
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If you’re not a kind of person who can stand listening how you’re sailing in wrong direction, just from the people who never left their safe harbours. Or when they’re telling you - you’re doing wrong, just when you’re giving your best...

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Nikola Vukašinović
designer and founder of Strange Star
How much does a web site cost?
Could you do the design for us? If we like it, we will pay for it. I have a great idea for the logo, I just need someone to sketch it out for me, could you do that?

The process

Here is an introduction to the process of solving your issues.

Each task is unique as is the company whose work we have undertaken. However, in order to achieve the best results quickly, we have established a basic sequence of operations.